One more for gcc 3.3.2 buildkernel

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Fri Oct 31 10:22:57 PST 2003

Craig Dooley wrote:
: This just changes a comment in a .s file (Strange gcc uses the 
preprocessor on
: it.  I thought it only handled .S files) but it takes the comment as a
: directive.  I guess 2.95 didnt handle # with space in front of it and gcc
: 3.3.2 does.  Should work with 2.95 also, havent tried yet.
: Aside from the packaging flamewar, The point of this work is to try to 
get gcc
: updated to the 3.x branch (and while we're at it, binutils to 2.14.x 
and gdb
: to 6.x) in support of the x86-64 port (Should we call it amd64 since i 
: they officially changed the name?).  Im expecting to have a 
preliminary patch
: to add PAE done this weekend, but since I dont totally understand the 


	I have done the necessary 64 bit cleanup required for PAE, and
	the patch is one/two days away from being committed.  I don't
	think its a good idea to bring in PAE now, because of all the
	instability it has caused.  I would rather wait till most of
	the drivers are converted to busdma, and then step by step we
	bring in the changes, by that time, PAE will have stabilized.
	The 64 bit cleanup is neccessary for the upcoming amd64 port.

: of all the changes it requires, it might require some higher up review 
: lots of testing.  After that I can add 64-bit elf support to loader if
: desired, and we could be on the way.  Im also working on merging binutils
: 2.14 into my CVS, but I dont know the best way to send that out once it's
: working.  Should I just tar up the directory to be imported and send that
: directly to Matt?  It seems like it would be big to send to the 
mailing list.

	Put up a URL or something...


Hiten Pandya
hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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