GCC 3.3.2 kernel

Craig Dooley cd5697 at albany.edu
Wed Oct 29 05:12:33 PST 2003

They are supposed to be turned off with -ansi.  There are lots of warnings 
with log not matching gccs built-in declaration I was trying to turn off.  I 
thought -ansi was in CFLAGS, but maybe i have to add -fno-builtin-log and 
-fno-builtin-printf etc.  I'll try that and see if I can get a kernel to 


On Wednesday 29 October 2003 07:57, Gunther Nikl wrote:
> Gunther Nikl <gni at xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Craig Dooley <cd5697 at xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> The kernel still cannot be built with gcc 3.3.2 though. When using
> >> buildkernel, it gets to  linking kernel.debug and dies with MANY
> >> undefined references to puts and putchar.
> >
> >  These are stdio optimizations. Try -Wno-builtin-[f]printf to disable
> >  the problematic ones.
>   Argl, its -fno-builtin-[f]printf
>   Gunther

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