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Mon Oct 27 22:17:40 PST 2003

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 20:16:36 +0000, Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

> Kip Macy <kmacy at xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> news:20031026092849.J79519 at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>> I actually prefer the original sub-menuing, but that is just my 2c. One
>> thing that is bothersome is that the indentation of the subtopics
>> varies quite a bit, try clicking on bugs than on mascot. Is that
>> fixable?
> Not the best fix, but should work.
> View at:
> There's also some other small things to fix - I'll make an attempt when
> I next get a chance.

Looks much better.. Is anyone working on change the colours scheme? The
bright blue (link) and yellow are the only colours that are bothering me.
They are unfriendly on the eyes with the white background.

That make me wondering what's DragonFly's offical colours? Red, black,
white and lime-green just like a logo?


-- 's moderator, mezz.

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