Intel Mobile ICH4

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Wed Nov 26 13:43:20 PST 2003

-On [20031126 21:42], Craig Dooley (cd5697 at xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>Okay.  I dont know what was going on before.  After booting the drive
>was UDMA100, but for some reason it changed back to BIOSPMA during
>buildworld.  Next up, either ACPI or APM. APM is not seen, and ACPI has
>no way to suspend and wont come back after events like power button or
>closing the lid.  I also cant reboot through dragonfly or power down.
>Have to hold the power button for 4 seconds.  Oh well

I'll check some stuff about this.

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