src/games __P removal

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Nov 12 13:51:44 PST 2003

:>> this removes all __P() uses from src/games
:> shouldnt we nuke src/games alltogether.
:> after all, these are not essential to a unix system, and afaik, nobody has
:> any intention to revolutionize src/games.
:> a port should really be enough.
:> ~ibotty
:Yep, I agree. Many useless stuff are in the base system, they should be
:nuked and move to package/port IMO.

    We could nuke most of src/games, but there is a lot of work in the
    pipeline right now and they aren't creating a burden so I'd prefer it
    if we didn't at the moment.

    In regarsd to __P() removal... I don't think it matters, which means
    that if you've done the work and have the patch set sitting there
    we might as well commit it :-)


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