mbuf huge macro nuking

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sat Jul 19 15:03:46 PDT 2003

    Thanks Bosko, I have patched, tested, and committed this, as well 
    as ripped out the MCL macros.  Your patch saved 42K in the kernel
    and is a nice cleanup.  Ripping up the MCL macros were a nice cleanup
    as well, especially considering that they are barely used in the source
    base, though only around 8K was saved.


:I was going to nuke these huge macros in RELENG_4 but never really
:bothered as I did not want to upset -STABLE too much.  But since
:DragonFly is clearly 'in development,' perhaps you'll want it.
:You'll have to make sure that it builds and runs, as I don't have a
:machine running the dragonfly code at this point.  If it doesn't build
:for some reason, it's probably really minor and trivial to fix.
:Also, one more thing to do after this is also nuke the
:_cluster_ alloc macros, which are also big, deprecate the macros and
:replace them with real procedures.  This amounts to overall better code
:distribution and less cache pollution and possibly slightly better
:performance (FWIW, I measured about 4-6% overall performance increase
:when I did this in FreeBSD -current).  Also, it probably makes your
:kernel smaller.
:I'm not subscribed to the list, so please CC me on future
:Bosko Milekic  *  bmilekic at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  *  bmilekic at xxxxxxxxxxx

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