Robert Garrett rg70 at
Sat Aug 30 04:04:47 PDT 2003

qhwt at xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello.
> Although I'm posting this message to submit@, I'm not asking
> for committing anything to DragonflyBSD yet, because ACPI code
> is still not completely MFCed to FreeBSD-STABLE. I needed ACPI
> on this machine because apm isn't detected by FreebSD-STABLE or
> DragonflyBSD.
> Anyway, the procedure is something like this:
> 1. Fetch FreeBSD-STABLE's /sys tree to somewhere(I keep mine under
>    ~source/freebsd/stable/src/sys).
> 2. Make a copy of a few files/directories into DragonflyBSD tree.
>    $ cd ~source/freebsd/stable/src/sys
>    $ for i in contrib/dev/acpica dev/acpica i386/acpica i386/isa/pmtimer.c
>    \
> kern/subr_power.c sys/power.h; do
> cp -r $i /sys/`dirname $i`/
>     done
>    (actually you don't even need to cp them; dropping files/directories
>     into right places is enough)
> 3. Remove garbages from copied files:
>    $ cd /sys
>    $ sed -i.orig -e '/^__FBSDID/d' -e '/^#include.*<isa/s/<isa/<bus\/isa/'
>    \
> kern/subr_power.c i386/isa/pmtimer.c
> 4. Apply the patch attached.
>    $ zcat fred-acpi.diff | patch -d /sys
> 5. Add a line to your kernel config file and rebuild the kernel.
>    $ echo device acpica >> /path/to/your/CONFIGFILE
> 6. Optionally, you can bring usr.sbin/acpi from -CURRENT's tree and
> compile
>    acpiconf command.
> That's all. I hope nothing is missing, but please tell me if you think you
> want to give this a try and things went wrong. As stated above, CPU
> throttling doesn't seem to be supported by ACPI on my machine(even with
> -CURRENT), so I'll be glad if someone can test it. I'm wondering how
> Windows achieve CPU throttling, though.
> Regards.

If you will go to the trouble to produce a set of patches to do this, 
I will take the trouble to test and commit it, of course this is 
provided matt aproves..

Robert Garrett

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