[PATCH] removing COMPAT_43 from the linuxolator

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Fri Aug 22 11:55:14 PDT 2003

:>     If the work is a little more then you have time for I would be happy to
:>     split the work with you, just point out the native syscall functions you
:>     want me to split and I'll split them.
:I'd like to do as much of the work as possible.  However, I realize that it
:may be holding back another project until it is done.  I should have a couple
:syscalls separated by the end of the weekend.
:   David P. Reese, Jr.                                     daver at xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Don't worry about the timing, and remember that I *always* favor an
    incremental approach when possible.  It is often nice to do things
    in small chunks so one can feel that one is accomplishing something real
    in the tree, so please feel free to do one or two system calls, submit
    that work, do the next few, submit that, etc..

    In fact, this sort of approach has major advantages even to the developer
    doing the work, because he can get feedback earlier if issues come up
    and correct the new work on the fly.

    Nobody should feel rushed.  If the timing gets tight a developer working
    on A should expect that the developer working on B might spend some
    time on A to get B's dependancies out of the way, and not feel put out
    by that.  Similarly if someone does a big commit and creates minor
    irritations in the tree it is reasonable for another developer to go
    in and make the minor commits required to fix the irritations without
    anyone feeling put out (and so far several people have done that when
    I've made big commits and I have done that when others have made big
    commits), though of course it depends on the work since you don't
    want to mess up another developer's patch sets if major continuing
    surgery is in progress. 

    But I think people get the idea.  We have to view the project as a group
    effort which means that we have to view any code, once committed, as 
    being part of a greater whole rather then being owned by a particular

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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