Make usr.bin compile with gcc 3.3

Robert Garrett rg70 at
Wed Aug 6 03:26:44 PDT 2003

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:

> -On [20030806 05:32], Craig Dooley (cd5697 at xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
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>>Heres a patch to make usr.bin compile cleanly with gcc 3.3.  My eventual
>>goal is to get buildworld working, but I think a lot of stuff in contrib
>>will have
>>to be updated.  One problem is gcc 3.3 cant compile gcc 2.95 :(  I have
>>much of usr.sbin working also, and hopefully tomorrow can get that out.
> I've seen the same code do:
> do not compile under 2.95.2
> do not compile under 2.95.3
> compile under gcc 2.95.4
> do not compile under gcc 3.1
> do compile under gcc 3.2
> do not compile under gcc 3.3
> So, personally, I am sceptical about just forcing code to compile with
> gcc version X.
> No ill feeligns towards the GCC guys, they have different goals than
> what I have in my mind when it comes to compilers.
> I'll check it towards the current compiler in the base.
> One of my personal goals is to make the codebase compilable with a bunch
> of compilers.
Perhaps, I ought to make myself a bit clearer, I am not going to do
anything to interfere with kernel development at this time. If we 
can make parts of the tree more gcc 3.3 friendly, without breaking
anything that moves us to an eventual goal. However at this point
that goal is fairly far in the future.

Robert Garrett

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