[PATCH] removing COMPAT_43 from the linuxolator

David P. Reese Jr. daver at gomerbud.com
Thu Aug 21 21:41:17 PDT 2003

In preparation for work on COMPAT_43 (which is almost complete on my end),
this patch makes COMPAT_LINUX independant of COMPAT_43.  Before it is
submitted, I'd like some feedback.


A couple of concerns:

   Should I next fix the other emulation layers so that they don't depend
   on COMPAT_43?  I don't have any svr4 or ibcs2 binaries to test them with.
   Most of these changes are network related, so I'd need some network
   capable binaries to test with.

   This patch was tested with both linux-mozillafirebird and the linux
   rpcinfo binary.  Both seem to work just fine.

   The sendmsg and recvmsg syscalls SHOULD work.  I should have time to test
   them this weekend if need be.

   The stat and lstat syscalls SHOULD work, however I have not had time to
   build linux binaries in order to test them.  Aren't these obsoleted in
   more recent linux software by the stat64 and newstat syscalls?

   Instead of using the obsoleted socket syscalls, we use an extra copyin
   and copyout to modify a structure in userspace possibly before and
   possibly after the native syscall function is called.  This shouldn't
   slow things down too much.  If need be, I can tweak this a bit to try
   and speed them up.

   David P. Reese, Jr.                                     daver at xxxxxxxxxxxx

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