Wireguard status

James Cook falsifian at falsifian.org
Mon Jun 21 20:33:12 PDT 2021

Here's a commit to dports that gets Wireguard working:

Hopefully it's easy to turn it into a DeltaPorts commit. LMK if it's
nontrivial and/or I can help somehow.

If you're familiar with Wireguard and want to try it out, following
these steps got me a working Wireguard connection:

1. Check out the above commit in /usr/dports.

2. Uninstall go (or go-devel), wireguard, and wireguard-go.

3. In /usr/dports/net/wireguard,
    make DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes install
   (DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES is needed for lang/go).

4. Create wg0.conf and doas wg-quick up, as explained in the commit
   message. (Requires having another host to be configured at the other
   end. LMK if you want more details.)


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