Hypervisor for DragonFly/x86_64 - Code Bounty

Kamil Rytarowski kamil at moritz.systems
Wed Aug 19 09:50:14 PDT 2020

Hi Aaron,

DragonFly BSD 5.8.1 with multiple VCPUs is known to work under
NetBSD/amd64 9.99.70 with NVMM + qemu. It should work under

AMD SVM is an easier target for us. Intel could come next, but it's a
higher risk to pledge it. Please stay tuned for the porting status.

NVMM v1 has chances of being merged into qemu 5.2 and downstream
patching issues will go away quickly. Temporarily our approach is to
rely on pkgsrc and defer the DPorts backporting to the community.

Best regards,

Kamil Rytarowski
CTO, Moritz Systems

pon., 17 sie 2020 o 16:55 Jaromir Doleček <jdolecek at moritz.systems> napisał(a):
> Le lun. 17 août 2020 à 16:08, Aaron LI <aly at aaronly.me> a écrit :
> > Personally, I’d like we have the same Intel and AMD CPUs support as in NetBSD. Besides, I have an AMD 3700X, so I’d like to run NVMM on my box :P
> >
> AMD will be likely actually first, as that will be the hw of the dev
> box that I'll be using. I'll likely tap Michael to help test the Intel
> parts :D
> > > - Run hardware accelerated guest Operating Systems: Linux 64bit (with
> > > disabled APIC checks in a bootloader -- it's not a bug in NVMM, but
> > > Linux specific behavior disabled for KVM) and Windows 10 64bit.
> >
> > DragonFly BSD itself should on the supported guest OS.
> We are limiting the scope to those operating systems which are already
> confirmed working under NVMM. The project is too short to resolve
> anything besides just getting NVMM itself working.
> Fixing dfly to work under NVMM would be strictly out of scope. If
> there is anything special dfly is doing differently to
> NetBSD/Linux/Windows and doesn't work out of the box, then the
> community will need to step up and fix it separately.
> If DragonFly BSD already works inside NVMM run under NetBSD, then of
> course it will also work inside NVMM under dfly.
> Jaromir

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