Hypervisor for DragonFly/x86_64 - Code Bounty

Aaron LI aly at aaronly.me
Mon Aug 17 07:08:25 PDT 2020

> On Aug 17, 2020, at 19:02, Kamil Rytarowski <kamil at moritz.systems> wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> The Moritz Systems team have reserved the Code Bounty "Hypervisor for
> DragonFly/x86_64" as specified on
> https://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/developer/Code_Bounties/
> We plan to port NetBSD Virtual Machine Monitor (abbr: NVMM) from
> NetBSD (current) to DragonFly (current).

Hi Kamil and your team,

Really great that you’ve decided to work on a hypervisor for dfly. Thank you :D

I confirm that my bounty offer is available.

Your email below is quite complete and you’ve already answered my questions on IRC. I have minor comments, FYI.

> Definition of a successful project:
> - Port NVMM v1 (NVMM_KERN_VERSION=1 and NVMM_USER_VERSION=1) to DragonFly
> - Port of the kernel NVMM device, libnvmm, nvmmctl and man pages to
> the DragonFly BSD repository and integrate with the build system.
> - Add support for at least Intel or AMD CPU. The goal is to support
> both CPU vendors, but if one of them will be finished and the other
> one in an advanced phase of porting, the bounty should be considered
> as successful. This relaxes the original bounty requirement of
> supporting both AMD and Intel CPUs.

Personally, I’d like we have the same Intel and AMD CPUs support as in NetBSD. Besides, I have an AMD 3700X, so I’d like to run NVMM on my box :P

> - Build qemu with local patches integrated in pkgsrc, using the
> pkgsrc framework on DragonFly. Backporting patches to DPorts is
> deferred to the community.

DragonFly hasn’t used pkgsrc for a long time, so I don’t know whether it would be easier to just use DPorts.

> - Run hardware accelerated guest Operating Systems: Linux 64bit (with
> disabled APIC checks in a bootloader -- it's not a bug in NVMM, but
> Linux specific behavior disabled for KVM) and Windows 10 64bit.

DragonFly BSD itself should on the supported guest OS.


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