Developers w/ Leaf accounts - Leaf maintenance complete, spring cleaning time!

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Jul 16 09:26:20 PDT 2018

All developers with accounts have been moved from HDD
to SSD storage.  Your home and build directory trees are now on a SSD with
HAMMER2.  H2 did a fine job with the data, combining compression and
live-dedup to take around 1TB of data on the old drives down to only 478GB
on the 2TB SSD.  I was a bit worried that space would be tight, but it
turns out... not.

First thing, if you have a leaf account, make sure nothing you need got
lost.  If it did, pop onto irc or email me, the HDDs are still attached so
I can get anything that might have been lost.

Second, spring cleaning time!  Please spend a bit of time going through
your home and build directory trees and remove anything you don't need.
There's plenty of space on the SSD so do not feel pressed to remove
anything you actually might need.  But if you have old stuff laying around
that you no longer need, now's a good time to prune it.  Any large removals
should go quickly now that all the data is on a SSD.

Reminder: Don't accidentally remove the 'crash' and 'build' softlinks in
your home dir.

Sometime this week I will do a pass to remove all uploaded crash dumps
older than 1 year, but otherwise I'm leaving up to devs to clean up their
own trees.

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