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know WINE cannot run well on FreeBSD 4/5 due to VM issue.
So what about DragonFly?
06/09/2004 	Wine on FreeBSD 	Archive
Remember last week how I alluded to a problem with Wine and FreeBSD? 
That thread began about a month ago and it started when John Birrell 
wondered how well Wine worked on FreeBSD-CURRENT (5.2.1) compared to 
-STABLE (4.10). Jonathan Fosburgh described the current (pun intended) 
situation, There is a threading problem right now (search the bug 
reports) on -CURRENT when using libpthread. Using libc_r is sort of 
working, at least as of a few weeks ago. I saw some discussion on one of 
the FreeBSD mailing lists discussing a different way of linking against 
a thread library that might make things work better. Basically, it 
involves not using -lpthread during the link stage but instead compiling 
against -pthread. Check through the freebsd-current and freebsd-ports 
mailing list archives, I believe the discussion was in one of those.

Gerald Pfeifer, the FreeBSD packager, then brought up the fact that 
-STABLE doesn't work either:

Right now, Wine doesn't work at all on FreeBSD -STABLE:

      wine: failed to initialize: /swtest/wine/dlls/ mmap 
of entire address space failed: Cannot allocate memory

and before that I used to see deadlocks upon startup of non-trivial 
applications (such as Forte Agent, both 16bit and 32bit flavors).

I believe there are also significant threading issues on -CURRENT, so 
overall Wine is hardly, if at all, usable on any version of FreeBSD I 
have access to, even though I'm still working to keep it at least 
compilable on FreeBSD 4.9 and 5.2/5.3.

John then looked into the problem and reported what he found:

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