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Wed Jun 29 02:24:57 PDT 2016

seems to be running fine on FreeBSD-STABLE. Does that still apply to
DragonFly? I believe there's some kernel module cruft in there, so my
bet is that it _might_ work after some kludging in the module sources.
I'm downloading an OpenAFS snapshot as we speak (their webserver isn't
that fast. sigh), and I'll try to get it going. I'll report success and
I'll submit patches if need be.
(Disclaimer: I'm no AFS expert. I'm only doing this because I currently
have the need for an AFS server, and don't feel like going with Linux)
On a side (but not really unrelated) note, since we don't have 
anymore, might it be an idea to rename all the kerberos5 stuff back to
their respective names instead of that k5* mess? Also, it would be
really nice if the kerberos keytabs and configs would reside in
/etc/kerberosV instead of plain /etc.


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