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Tue Jul 26 17:40:59 PDT 2016

My free time on summer. As graduate student I've got some duties at the university. On April I'm going to two CTF competitions (one on 2-4 of April in Moscow and one on 23-26 of April in Ekaterinburg). On may there will be some teaching activities (exams for the undergraduates) but they shouldn't take much time. On this summer I've got almost free of duties may, june and august. On july I'll be spending a weak for summer school where I'll be teaching students some basic hacking techniques. Also I'll go to my parents for a weak or a weak and a half. The rest of my time I can spend for the project.
Wheew... Thanks for reading that far! I hope, its not too late for me to write this letter :)
-- Best regards, Dmitry A. Stephantsov

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