Soliciting opinions on dsched removal

Tomohiro Kusumi kusumi.tomohiro at
Mon Nov 16 07:51:01 PST 2015

kernel - Remove dsched

seems to have resolved one of the hammer cleanup issues (under heavy i/o
workload) that's been reported via irc.

2015-11-10 2:47 GMT+09:00 Matthew Dillon <dillon at>:

> Ok.  I'm glad I'm not alone in my assessment :-).  Then that is what I
> will do... rip it out.  I too think that any future solution that actually
> works will be so different from what the current solution is capable of
> that it makes no sense to retain the current solution.  I'll leave the
> procedure call hook in (there's only one) as a placemarker for a future
> solution, but it will be an empty procedure.  Everything else goes into the
> bit bucket.
> -Matt
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