DragonFly 4.0 released!

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*Thanks for quick reply. *

*I just read the mail from Matthew
But still quite blur on it! I think it is better to compare the source of

*And I noticed that **"* state and ip fragment tables are now per-cpu.", so
in ipfw of DFly, every changes will be dispatch to context of all CPUs, so
it is also per-cpu, right ?  Can we say that the ipfw in DFly also "**able
to work in a concurrent manner on many CPUs"?*


On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 11:44 AM, Jyri Hovila [Turvamies.fi] <
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>  >
> *But what does it mean? Anyone can help to explain this? what is the
> benefit to have a PF which can concurrently manner on multiple CPUs? *To
> be a bit more specific, having several CPUs processing the traffic simply
> means your firewall / load balancer can handle bigger bandwidth without
> becoming clogged. The one-threaded nature of PF has been a very limiting
> factor with OpenBSD, the "forefather" of DragonFlyBSD.
> -j.
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