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Wed Nov 12 00:49:21 PST 2014

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014 21:28:24 +0100, carlos antonio neira bustos  
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> Hi All,
> I was trying to install dragonflybsd 3.8 in general dynamics gobook vr-2
> laptop, but it gets frozen at boot due to an acpi issue. I think it could
> be due to wrong bytecode by the bios vendor.
> So I tried to dump the tables using this guide
> but the following command
> # acpidump -t -d > *name*-*system*.asl
> does not work as there is no -t nor -d flag, is there other flag I
> could use to accomplish the same ?


DragonFly has since imported Intel's ACPI tools, among which is an  
acpidump(8), but it has different options.

To override your DSDT, do the following, in an empty dir, as it will  
create a number of files:

1. "acpidump -b"
2. "iasl -d dsdt.dat"
3. Edit dsdt.dsl according to your needs
4. "iasl dsdt.dsl"
5. If there are errors, fix them and repeat until there is a dsdt.aml
6. cp dsdt.aml /boot/kernel/acpi_dsdt.aml
7. Put "acpi_dsdt_load=yes" into your /boot/loader.conf

After reboot you should see in /var/run.dmesg.boot that the DSDT has been  

Best regards,

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