Next release ideas

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Mon Mar 31 11:57:00 PDT 2014

On 3/31/2014 20:38, Justin Sherrill wrote:
> - pkg should work immediately upon install; right now it requires a copy
> of a sample file.

This has already been fixed in dports-staged branch.  If no conf file
exists, a default one is installed when pkg is installed.

> - We could use up to date notes on
> <> on running pkg.

If you mean the "howtos" I did correct some errors there this week.  I
don't know of any major holes in it now.

> - I've noticed some of the packages expect the 'service' command to be
> present; that probably isn't hard to bring over.

I am unaware of this issue.  Somebody could post a dports issue to
educate me.

> I think we're on the edge of where it can be dropped.  PC-BSD and
> FreeNAS are both dropping i386, for example.  My instinct - and this can
> certainly change - is to say the earliest we'll drop it is for the 4.0
> release, which will hopefully also be the first user-testable version of
> Hammer 2.  That's two releases from now at the soonest.

Well, you know my feelings on this (e.g. two thumbs up).
To add fuel, ports is now starting to require NEW_XORG.  For example,
KDE4 no longer installs on i386 as of this week due to KDE4-workspace
and it's dependencies requiring new org.  So to keep i386 means to add
support NEW_XORG.

Additionally -- nobody is building packages for i386.  FinFin has
dabbled with it, but there are no resulting packages yet.  I think he
still has good intentions but production isn't there yet.

Long story short: If nobody is willing to build packages regularly
(including provided i386 patches for broken ports) then why are we
supporting this?  I'm tired of hearing "keep it" from folks that aren't
willing to do the maintenance themselves.


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