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Justin Sherrill justin at
Mon Mar 31 11:38:34 PDT 2014

Here are some ideas I've been thinking about for the next release.  3.6
came out in  late November, so we should aim for late May.

VM support:

- Getting run in a VM is more common; better drivers would help.
- There's a start on a network driver floating around.  Finishing that
wouldn't hurt.  I'd like DragonFly to be able to work in a virtual
environment with as little special configuration as possible.


- pkg should work immediately upon install; right now it requires a copy of
a sample file.
- We could use up to date notes on on running pkg.
- I've noticed some of the packages expect the 'service' command to be
present; that probably isn't hard to bring over.

i386 support:

I think we're on the edge of where it can be dropped.  PC-BSD and FreeNAS
are both dropping i386, for example.  My instinct - and this can certainly
change - is to say the earliest we'll drop it is for the 4.0 release, which
will hopefully also be the first user-testable version of Hammer 2.  That's
two releases from now at the soonest.

PAM support:

ftigeot has been working on this with the most recent consensus being
initrd support for setting up the dynamic and static binaries instead of
the /rescue path that FreeBSD / NetBSD are using.  (What does OpenBSD do?
 I don't know.)  It would also be good for the release, but it will need
testing by people in the right sort of environment to test it out.  (that
part I can do.)

I'm bringing these ideas up to get them out there; I can't do them all
myself, but I'll certainly help out.
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