HEADS UP: USB4BSD is the default USB stack now

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sun Mar 9 18:53:48 PDT 2014


I have switched over our USB stack to USB4BSD and there are a few things  
to note:

Regarding driver support, controllers (including XHCI), keyboard, mouse  
and mass storage are working well enough, as are axe(4), rum(4), run(4)  
and urtwn(4). I assume John will enable libusb dependent dports in the  
near future too.

Regarding what works _not_ :)... Here's a list of things known to have no  
support or issues still:

Network:   aue(4), cue(4), kue(4), lgue(4), rue(4)
Serial:    Serial is being worked on right now, it is still unstable.
Audio:     USB audio needs an upgrade of the audio stack, of which a work  
in progress exists, but nothing in the tree yet.
Bluetooth: This, as far as I can tell, would benefit from switching over  
to the newer netgraph stack we have (but it is not default).

Regarding scanner support and some more obscure devices like F/M radio  
etc., I don't know if dedicated drivers are still needed with the new  
stack or if it is handled from userland via ugen(4).

In any case, to move back to old stack, you need to add "WANT_OLDUSB=yes"  
to /etc/make.conf and put "device oldusb" in your kernel config and  
rebuild/install world and kernel (don't forget 'make upgrade' as it does  
module cleanup between the two stacks).

Please also note that those who have added "device usb4bsd" to their  
kernel configurations for testing purposes in the past will need to  
replace it with "device usb" again. WANT_USB4BSD can be removed from  
/etc/make.conf too (it's a no-op now, so nothing will break if it is left).

Best regards,

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