Problem with PFS path representation containing ":"

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Mon Dec 15 07:22:35 PST 2014


I am using sysctl(3) to retrieve the process's executable name via

The path I am getting for /usr/bin/t for example is
/pfs/@@-1:00003/bin/t. Now the problem is that this path is used top
determine the system root ("/usr") and is further used to build up
several paths joined by ":". But it already contains a colon!!!

Any idea on how to get the current process's executable name without
resolving mount points? Ok, I found out about "readlink
/proc/curproc/file". Is this the recommended way? Isn't it dangerous in
general to have ":" in the PFS part of the path as it is used in sh to
separate paths?



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