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Wed Dec 10 18:44:17 PST 2014

'consumer' OS's (Windows, MacOS "classic", OS-X) have some kind of
special scheduler hooks or API's for these kinds of scenarios
(DirectSound, CoreAudio, etc) and that this is a 'hard problem' (TM)
It is a hard problem (thats my impression from reading the Linux audio 
mailing lists). If I were a musician or pro audio user, I would buy an 
Apple only for CoreAudio, although Linux is now a much better audio 
platform than it was some years ago.

If you want to run pro audio software (on BSD) you want to run a jack 
server. Has anyone tried to port jackd or jackdmp to Dragonfly? Is there 
any chance that it can run low-latency (64 samples / 48khz = 1.3 ms)?

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