DragonFly future planning

Harald Arnesen harald at skogtun.org
Sat Sep 14 01:39:19 PDT 2013

Justin Sherrill [2013-09-14 07:44]:

> - 3.6 will probably be a dports-default release, because dports has
> pretty much swept the board with people adopting it over pkgsrc.  The
> installer for DragonFly assumes pkgsrc right now, but I think Sascha has
> been working on a conversion. So, start thinking about a pkgsrc ->
> dports conversion if you haven't changed over yet.  (pkgsrc will still
> work on DragonFly for those wanting to go to pkgsrc-2013Q3, for
> instance; just I don't think there's anyone actively working on it for
> DragonFly now.)

What I dislike about dports is that it installs the ports in /usr/local.
In my opinion, that should be for locally developed software, or
software not included in the packaging system.
Hilsen Harald

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