[GSoC] Making vkernels checkpointable - week 13

Pawel Dziepak pdziepak at quarnos.org
Tue Sep 17 08:36:29 PDT 2013


Last week I was preparing for the end of the GSoC. I've cleaned the
code a bit and pushed it to my repository. Most improtantly, though,
I've continued fixing bugs. That involved solving problems with
restoring network interfaces, what required fixing devfs bug what
causes the kernel to crash when the restored program had opened a
vnode that no longer existed. I also solved some issues occuring when
the vkernel had more than one CPU. Finally I improved vmspace
restoring code both fixing some bugs and reducing code redundancy.

I'm going to continue testing and fixing any bugs I may encounter as
well as prepare documentation for the updated checkpoint file format
(mostly the information I've been giving here in my reports).


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