3.6 branch and release

Justin Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Mon Oct 28 20:49:17 PDT 2013

Here's my plan:

- Matt's done for now with his SMP improvements, and the gcc/locale changes
from John Marino have had a chance to percolate for a while, so it should
be safe to branch.

- I'll branch 3.6 this upcoming weekend, assuming no objections.

- Plan for release 2 weeks after that.

For this release:

-,i915 support is in
- mdocml is imported
- Huge SMP improvements
- Locale is updated
- dports is default
- gcc 4.7 is default

We still need:

- A dports installer
- A dports-using GUI image

Etc. etc.  Please keep "There's a release soon" in your mind as you commit
things over the next week.
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