Any last-minute 3.6 commits?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Nov 19 18:17:46 PST 2013

:I'm pretty sure it's just a warning.  I'm not the best expert on it,
:though.  If you have no other symptoms, then it's definitely harmless.  :)
:> # tail -n 5 messages
:> Nov 16 12:23:57 CRM-NAGIOS kernel: Mounting root from ufs:/dev/da0s1a
:> Nov 16 12:23:57 CRM-NAGIOS kernel: DMA space used: 432k, remaining
:> available: 16384k
:> Nov 16 12:23:57 CRM-NAGIOS kernel: Mounting devfs
:> Nov 19 10:42:19 CRM-NAGIOS kernel: LWKT_WAIT_IPIQ WARNING! 0 wait 1 (-2)
:> Nov 19 10:42:19 CRM-NAGIOS last message repeated 2 times

    It's a problem if it keeps repeating forever... it means a cpu has
    gotten stuck in a live loop.  If it does not repeat forever then it's
    probably ok and only merely disturbing that a cpu got stuck that long
    in kernel mode before being able to respond to the IPI.


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