KML Port

Muhammad Nuzaihan muhammad at
Sat Nov 9 08:36:52 PST 2013


I think it's best to put this email on low priority with the pending 
release of 3.6.

I am beginning to port KML (Kernel Mode Linux) for DragonFlyBSD as i am 
trying to achieve something similar to "" in Java. (which i hope 
could be improved after porting the code without violating the GPL license)

KML is a GPLv2 licensed code, however, some similarities that i need to 
reuse is the same low level assembly code in the patches at: which could not be avoided.

 From what i have read, the difference in performance may not be as 
substantial - but i am hoping 
for some benefits on improvising to "somewhat" similar to without 
compromising the original benefits on DragonflyBSD.

Thanks and regards,
Muhammad Nuzaihan

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