Snapshot builds switched to dports, nrelease build switched to dports

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu May 30 09:25:06 PDT 2013

    Sascha committed adjustments to the nrelease build in master so it
    now uses dports.  I've resurrected the daily snapshot builds and
    they are also now using dports.

    We will leave the pkgsrc support infrastructure in-place but it looks
    like DFly developers are now shifting to dports en-mass, so dports is
    what we will be actively supporting moving towards the future.

    It's also a whole lot easier to do bulk builds with dports, we can
    build the 20,000 package-set in less than a day.  We are slowly creating
    the official infrastructure for this and ultimately expect to have a
    very consistent binary build running.


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