[GSOC] System V IPC in userspace week2 report (Larisa Grigore)

grigore larisa larisagrigore at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 12:55:17 PDT 2013

Hello everyone,

This week I have implemented a driver with open, close, ioctl and kqfilter
functions. Only one process can be registered as a daemon and it will be
responsible for sysv ipc resources.

The daemon waits for data from the driver and from pipes, using poll call.
When it receives data from the driver, it means that a new client wants to
connect to it. The daemon will create unnamed pipes to communicate with the
client using the driver again.
For now on, the communication between the daemon and a registered client is
made using the created pipes.
Clients can register to the daemon through an ioctl call.

Larisa Grigore
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