[GSOC] System V IPC in userspace week1 report

grigore larisa larisagrigore at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 13:08:33 PDT 2013

Hello everyone,

This week I've studied how to implement a virtual driver that will be used
for communication between the userspace daemon and clients. After a talk on
irc with Markus and Swildner, it was decided to write the code in

One of the driver's purpose is to initiate the communication between daemon
and clients. I have studied a similar scenario in Android, where a driver
called Binder is used for IPC purposes. Using it, two unrelated processes
can communicate using unnamed pipes. The server makes pipe() call and
announces the driver that it want to establish a connection with a client
using that pipe. The driver installs for the client a file descriptor which
points to the specified pipe.

The daemon use poll in order to accept requestes from new clients (data
from driver) and messages from old clients (data from pipes).

Here [1] is my repo where I have created a new branch.

[1] http://gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/~larisagrigore/dragonfly.git

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