Want to work on project (Implement further dsched disk scheduling policies) listed in GSoC project list.

Alex Hornung alex at alexhornung.com
Thu Jan 10 07:44:39 PST 2013


On 2013-01-10 05:37, Harsh Sharma wrote:
> I am an undergraduate student of 3rd year. I want to work in GSoC
> 2013. I have gone through the list of ideas present in GSoC 2012 idea
> page and I found  "Implement further dsched disk scheduling policies"
> interesting one. But in the list it is mentioned that this project 
> was
> also done by a student in GSoC 2011. So I want to know if I still can
> work on it as my project in GSoC 2013 or it is already a completed
> project.

The project is implementing *further* dsched disk scheduling policies. 
In principle it doesn't matter whether someone else has worked on it 
before or not - if you think you can come up with a good disk scheduler, 
you are welcome to implement it.

That said, I'd prefer someone continuing the BFQ scheduler project. The 
student in 2011 did a good job, but he never quite finished it. It 
looked very promising, but it still does require work to get it 
production ready.

So, in summary, I'd prefer proposals to continue work on the BFQ dsched 
scheduling policy, and possibly general improvements/fixes to dsched, 
rather than yet another scheduling policy.


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