Strange network fault

Andrey Oktyabrskiy ano at
Sun Dec 29 07:51:37 PST 2013

Good day.

I have home server on Dell D631 laptop with DragonFly 3.6. There is NFS 
server with 2x1TB HDD. Today is the second time the network has stopped 
working with such symptoms (from dmesg):
rtsock: received more addr bits than sockaddrs.
Warning, objcache (cluster mbuf): Exhausted!
dsched_thread_io: destroy race tdio=0xffffffe048fa04e0

Today it happened when copying large amount of data via NFS. But first 
time there was no NFS. That time I copied data by SFTP. There is no way 
to make the network work again - reboot only.

What other information from me would be useful for debugging?

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