ath(4) failing with ath_reset for AR9285

Matthias Rampke matthias at
Thu Jan 19 00:50:37 PST 2012


the ath_reset in itself is not the problem. I'm seeing it quite often but that doesn't stop it from working.

I have seen a specific DHCP problem (DHCPDISCOVER sent&received at router, router sends DHCPOFFER but it doesn't arrive) quite often and so has Matt Dillon (can't find the commit right now) â?? setting "net.wlan.force_swcrypto=1" in /etc/sysctl.conf overrides use of the hardware crypto which fixes the problem. Of course it would be great to sync with the latest FreeBSD drivers â?¦


On Thursday, 19. January 2012 at 09:31, ssgriffonuser wrote:

> I just installed DFBSD on my EEE netbook and the ath driver seems to be  
> failing after wpa_supplicant is run. The connection is established but  
> the message "ath_reset" is also printed. After that message is printed,  
> dhclient wlan0 cannot connect to the dhcp server.
> I had a similar problem when I installed FreeBSD 8.2 on the same  
> netbook. However, Adrian Chadd had already fixed the problem in -HEAD  
> so I was able to update the driver and everything worked fine.
> I'm fairly certain that these problems were one in the same but if  
> somebody else has any ideas I'm all ears.
> If Adrian is listening on this list, do you remember what that problem  
> was? If so, is it something that I can fix or do I need to know the  
> inner workings of the ath card that are hidden behind an NDA?
> Thanks  

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