Release 3.0 branched

Justin Sherrill justin at
Sun Jan 22 14:45:22 PST 2012

Release 3.0 is branched.  Master is now 3.1.

The Makefile targets for pkgsrc in /usr have been set to get
pkgsrc-2011Q4.  I have packages up now for 2011Q4/3.0/i386, and
hopefully for x86_64 within the next day or so. If you are running
master but using a quarterly release, please make sure you match up.

Issue 2286 is the catchall ticket for 3.0.

It's almost clear right now because I'm not sure if there's any
release-stopping bugs at this point - please suggest ones to add to

Please be sure to commit any bug fixes back to 3.0 between now and
when the actual release goes out.  I'll have 'release candidate'
images hopefully within 24 hours.

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