Fwd: git: annotated tag v3.0.1 created

Justin Sherrill justin at shiningsilence.com
Sun Feb 19 16:46:41 PST 2012

I tagged the release, and I'm starting the build of the ISOs/IMGs
right now.  The official release will be in the next 24 hours if
everything builds nicely.  (i.e. don't tell people it's out, cause
there's nothing to download yet)

The extremely long release notes are here:


A bunch of people, especially John Marino, helped me update them
today, but it won't hurt to have extra eyes on there.  Please look and
update if something's missing, cause there's a lot in there.

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Date: Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 7:30 PM
Subject: git: annotated tag v3.0.1 created
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 replaces  v3.0.0
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
       on  Sun Feb 19 19:30:37 2012 -0500

DragonFly 3.0.1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (DragonFly)


Antonio Huete Jimenez (1):
     kern - Skip rlimit check when caller is a kernel thread.

Francois Tigeot (2):
     kernel - properly initialize vnode->v_pfsmp
     VFS accounting: check if nullfs mp* really exist

François Tigeot (1):
     VFS accounting: optimize vop_write() performance

John Marino (3):
     cdefs: Rework and augment visibility attributes
     Support exception handling on statically-linked binaries
     x86_64 getmemsize: Recover 0x100000 bytes

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
     Switch to pkgsrc-2011Q4.

Markus Pfeiffer (2):
     libc: add getcontext, setcontext, makecontext and swapcontext on x86_64
     libc: correct copyright notice in makecontext.c

Matthew Dillon (8):
     kernel - Fix SILI callout timer race
     kernel - Add missing DRM_LOCK()
     kernel - Fix lockmgr lock mismatch panics when iwn used without wlan
     vkernel - Fix semi-random SIGILL crashes under heavy network loads
     kernel - Fix incorrect assertion during udp auto-binding
     kernel - Improve pageout daemon & memory pressure detection w/tmpfs
     kernel - Add vm_page_need_commit() and vm_page_clear_commit()
     kernel - Adjust tmpfs to use the new PG_NEED_COMMIT flag

Peter Avalos (20):
     sh: Don't force special builtins non-special in optimized command subst.
     sh: Cache de->d_namlen in a local variable.
     sh: Use dirent.d_type in pathname generation.
     sh: Allow quoting ^ and ] in bracket expressions.
     sh: Make patmatch() non-recursive.
     sh: Remove unused function scopyn().
     sh: Make various functions static.
     sh: Properly show "Not a directory" error in cd builtin.
     sh: Fix out of bounds array access when trap is used with an invalid
     sh: Change input buffer size from 1023 to 1024.
     sh: Fix two bugs with case and exit status:
     sh: Fix some bugs with exit status from case containing ;&.
     sh: Fix execution of multiple statements in a trap when evalskip is set
     sh: Remove "kill" example function, which is superseded by the kill
     sh: Fix $? in the first command of a 'for'.
     sh: Use vfork in a few common cases.
     sh: Fix swapped INTON/INTOFF.
     sh: Avoid possible echo options in a testcase.
     sh: Add testcases that should not be broken by future optimizations.
     sh: Test EXIT trap with multiple statements in it

Samuel J. Greear (2):
     drm - Add PCI ID for Radeon HD 4250 (AMD 880 onboard video)
     objformat - Duplicate NELEM() macro

Sascha Wildner (15):
     Raise default .Os value for the manual pages to 3.0 on the release branch.
     kernel/firewire: Move a dereference behind the NULL check.
     Revert "nataraid(4): Add devstat support."
     Switch the 3.0-RELEASE branch back to using binutils-2.21.
     texinfo: Add /usr/pkg/info to the list of directories searched by info(1).
     kernel: Add some missing headers to the Makefiles of cryptodev and tun.
     crypto.ko: Add a missing file.
     mps(4): Sync with FreeBSD.
     mps.4: Document how we disable MSI and comment out MSI-X documentation.
     mps(4): Remove some useless casts.
     mps(4): Mark a function __printflike() and fix a resulting warning.
     mps(4): Add module version.
     kernel/pci: Implement the PCIOCATTACHED ioctl.
     isp(4): Fix wrong sizeof().
     hier.7: Add back a .Bl that was removed with the binutils 2.20 removal.

Sepherosa Ziehau (4):
     mps: Properly define U32 and S32
     mps: Use WAITOK to allocate critical data struct on attach path
     mps: If we don't have enough space for a sge and chain, don't claim we can
     mps: Hold lock for the shutdown event handler

Thomas Nikolajsen (5):
     sys/config: Readd COMPAT_43 to i386 kernels: COMPAT_LINUX needs it
     sys/config: Readd COMPAT_DF12 to i386 kernels, to run FreeBSD 4 binaries
     COMPAT_LINUX: Remove need for COMPAT_43
     Revert "sys/config: Readd COMPAT_43 to i386 kernels: COMPAT_LINUX needs it"
     tmpfs.5: Add note that DragonFly NFS client needs to disable ReaddirPlus

Venkatesh Srinivas (4):
     kernel -- nata: Use ATA_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT (10) rather than 1 for
ATA controlcmds.
     kernel -- linprocfs: linprocfs_allocvp should return a locked vnode.
     kernel: mfs -- Fix unmount panic for MFS filesystems.
     tmpfs: Support NFS export of tmpfs filesystems.

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