Google Summer of Code 2012

Justin Sherrill justin at
Sun Feb 5 20:28:35 PST 2012

Google Summer of Code for 2012 has been announced - it'd be nice for
DragonFly to participate for the 5th (!) time.  I'll administrate
again, unless someone else is hungry for it.

This leads to the usual questions:

1: Who wants to mentor?  You have to be willing to spend April 23rd
through August 24th helping a student, and some time before that
looking at and ranking project proposals.  There's not much formal
organization past "get the student moving".

2: Who wants to be a student?  Generally you qualify by being a
college student.  You have to put in a decent amount of work; this is
your summer job.

3: Who has project ideas?  This can be anyone.  We have an existing
projects page, but more ideas that are suitable in scope for students
are always welcome. (The existing
general projects page)

We can apply as an organization starting the 27th.  I need at least a
couple people willing to mentor so that I know it's worth putting in
the application.

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