GSoC: Add SMT/HT awareness to DragonFlyBSD scheduler

Mihai Carabas mihai.carabas at
Sun Aug 12 09:16:04 PDT 2012


> In the following lines I will make a brief description of my work during
> GSoC:
> - I developed a mechanism to discover the CPU topology. All the information
> about cpu_topology is obtained using "sysctl hw.cpu_topology". You can see
> different topologies in [1][2][3].

I forgot to say that I had added support for simulating a CPU topology
with the vkernels.

Usage: ./kernel [-hsUv] [-c file] [-e name=value:name=value:...]
        [-i file] [-I interface[:address1[:address2][/netmask]]] [-l cpulock]
        [-m size] [-n numcpus[:lbits[:cbits]]]
        [-p file] [-r file]
For details about lbits/cbits (logical/core bits): man vkernel.


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