Want to learn about DF kernel

Matthias Rampke matthias at rampke.de
Wed Sep 21 11:16:27 PDT 2011

On Sep 21, 2011 1:27 PM, <elekktretterr at exemail.com.au> wrote:
> Should
> virtualbox be sufficient to install DragonFly in?
In general, recent 4.x versions of VirtualBox worked fine (on an OS X host) with DFly, BUT: the USB part of VirtualBox works … intermittently, in my experience, with any guest OSs. This might be OS X host specific, but I need many attempts and the right direction of wind to attach a USB stick to the guest, not the host.

I don't exactly know if QEMU has USB support, but it may be worth a try if VirtualBox acts up. Generally speaking, QEMU tries less hard to be "clever" in integrating with the host, at the cost of performance.

Good luck!

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