git: Kernel ELF: Restore legacy FreeBSD brand

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at
Wed May 18 13:42:27 PDT 2011

>commit cee191cabfed209fdad9972bd88be5b18e310361
>Author: John Marino <draco at>
>Date:   Wed May 18 01:10:13 2011 +0200
>    Kernel ELF: Restore legacy FreeBSD brand
>    During the rework of the kernel/ELF branding code, the FreeBSD brand
>    was intentionally left off due to having an interpreter path of
>    /usr/libexec/, which is no longer built.
>    However, some users have been building old DragonFly 1.x servers up
>    which still have that old rtld running, and are still running FreeBSD
>    branded binaries.  For the sake of legacy, the FreeBSD brand is being
>    restored.

Thank you;
I have a few old FreeBSD binaries, they execute again.

Re. /usr/libexec/, it is installed on my system,
seems like they are changed on installworld (mtime changed);
anyway they aren't removed on upgrade ('make upgrade'),
so all hosts which has been source upgraded for a few years will have file.


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