GSoC:port puffs to system

Alex Hornung ahornung at
Tue Mar 29 23:13:53 PDT 2011


to be a successful gsoc student you should show some more initiative.
Familiarity not with any VFS but the FreeBSD/DragonFly VFS would help
quite a bit.

Showing some more interest wouldn't hurt either: you are the one who is,
essentially, looking for a job. You should present your ideas, what way
you intend to approach it, what problems you might have along the way, etc.

Questions should be way more specific than simply "Could someone give me
more info about this?". Porting PUFFS is very simple *in concept* so you
should be able to come up with an action plan yourself.

Hope that helps,
Alex Hornung

On 30/03/11 04:26, fd df wrote:
> Hi,all.
> I'm a student. I'm interested in this project.
> Could someone give me more info about this?
> I have c experience, know the basic concept about the vfs. And reading
> the paper now.

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