about virtio driver porting from FreeBSD

Pratyush Kshirsagar pratyush.kshirsagar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 05:53:30 PDT 2011

The previous mail contains the intel N/W adapters and I did not find the paravirtualized adapter and the MAC address.So, I thought this may be the problem.2011/3/14 Stéphanie Ouillon <stephanie at minet. net>

    Well, I had already checked the settings. 
    I'll try the latest version of VirtualBox 4.0.4, hoping that the bug
    for VirtualBox 4.0.2 has been fixed and that the vm will boot. 
    Le 14/03/11 02:58, Pratyush Kshirsagar a écrit :
    I think this are the N/W adapters that your VMM /
      Hypervisor has or attached to.
      But if you are using Virtual Box  you need to Click the
        Advanced tab in N/W settings and select the adapter type to 
      Paravirtualized Network (virtio-net)
      I am using bridge networking with this N/W adapter.
      Please check the settings and try to run it.
      Hope it solves the problem.
      - Pratyush.
        2011/3/13 Stéphanie Ouillon <stephanie at minet.net>
              I run 10 days ago the code you sent to me in your mail,
              but I had to read more about virtio driver to be able to
              understand a bit more the architecture of the code.
              Well, I used a DragonFly 2.9-development on Virtualbox
              (not the latest version of VBox because there is a
              reported bug for DragonFly BSD machines, so I use the
              3.12) and I used a PCnet-PCI II emulated network card (NAT
              I build the code to load the modules and I did what you
              mentionned :
              #kldload -v
                virtio_probe 51966virtio_probe 9237virtio_probe
                28947Loaded ./virtio.ko, id=5
                #kldload -v ./virtio_net.ko
                Loaded ./virtio-net.ko, id=6
                virtio_probe 51966virtio_probe 9237virtio_probe 28947
              I checked the numbers, they match the following devices :
              51966 : Virtual Guest Service
              9237 : "0x8086","0x2415","Intel Corporation","Intel
              82801DBM SM/BUS Controller 24C3","Aureal (AD1881 SOUNDMAX)
              Placa Mãe Asaki P3-141"
              28947: "0x8086","0x7113","Intel
              Corporation","82371AB/EB/MB","PIIX4/4E/4M Power Management
              However, I see no message from the virtio_attach()
              fonction nor virtio_net_probe() or virtio_net_attach() and
              I don't understand why ( if it is normal, or not ? ).
              I tried to launch Virtualbox with virtio-net for the
              network configuration to see what would happen, if I could
              go further and have more information but I had an error
              message at the very beginning :
                error: Failed to get the "MAC" value
                Unknown error creating VM (VERR_CFGM_VALUE_NOT_FOUND).
              So the vm couldn't be launched, even when configured with
              no network connection.
              Stéphanie Ouillon
              Le 28/02/11 02:34, Pratyush Kshirsagar a écrit :
              Yes, you are right but I did some
                work porting virtio network driver from NetBSD before we
                moved forward to port it from FreeBSD.
                Attached is the partly done code.
                 The other basic calls needed for block and network
                  drivers are kept same by Tim and me so that we don't
                  do lot of cleaning and book keeping stuff.
                The working code is in "net" directory and not the
                you need to make the outer dir and then the do make
                  in net.
                use kldload -v ./virtio.ko followed by kldload -v
                Thus when you use dmesg it will show the messages
                  during the netword device probe and attach() with the
                  network device number/id.
                You can mail me for further information.
                - Pratyush Kshirsagar.
                  2011/2/27 Stéphanie Ouillon <stephanie at minet.net>
                      I've read the posts on the DragonFly BSD Digest
                      site about virtio, but I have some questions about
                      A virtual network driver was ported from NetBSD,
                      using some FreeBSD code that wasn't supposed to be
                      public under a BSD license. So for the moment, the
                      code that is published on gitorious (http://gitorious.org/virtio-drivers/virtio-drivers/trees/master)
                      can't be used at all ? Can somebody tell me more
                      about that ?
                      Thanks !

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