Reducing the time for buildworld

shivanth fordearlinux at
Sun Mar 6 12:26:23 PST 2011

On 3/6/2011 10:42 PM, Matthew Dillon wrote:
     I hesitate to ask how much memory was configured originally.

     Certain subsystems within the buildworld build eat a huge amount of
     memory.  In particular, the GCC build within the buildworld has some
     huge and complex files which eat a lot of memory while running and a
     -j3 would potentially run three of those cc's simultaniously.
     I remember doing buildworlds on very old machines... with 256M of ram
     or less, and they would always bog down compiling gcc.  Configuring a lot
     of swap and not using any make parallelism got the build through those
     In modern day machines have enough memory that it's easy to forget about
     build requirements, but we've seen people running VMs make the same
     mistake of configuring too little memory.  If you are going to be running
     buildworlds I woulds say 512M is about the minimum that can be configured.
     And you should always configure outsized swap space, like a gigabyte or
     so, on VMs with low amounts of configured ram just so it can slog though
     the memory intensive bits.
Well that explains why i had to give the VM a 523 ram . And after the
'make buildworld' my virtual disk is almost full . Is there a way to
clean all these files after i 'make installworld' ?

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