Can someone please update nvidia driver?

Alex Hornung ahornung at
Thu Jun 9 22:03:28 PDT 2011

Please provide a core dump or at least a backtrace.


On 10/06/11 03:28, Ed Berger wrote:
> I don't know if anyone else tested this patch, but today I git cloned
> the repo, applied the patch manually to it, and tried it on a (new to me)
> Dell Latitude D630 laptop with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M graphics
> on a 2.11-development version kernel/world of a few days ago.
> It panics in the "make install" part of the instructions in the README
> found in the repo.  It didn't actually put the nvidia.ko file in the right
> directory for loader.conf file to find it, before panicing. When
> manually installed,
> the system panics shortly after recognizing the NVS 135M chipset.

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