random kernel panic

Alex Hornung ahornung at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 12:33:34 PDT 2011

Please provide a kernel dump.


On 21/07/11 20:20, Georg Bege wrote:
> Good day to you guys
> Im having trouble with my dfbsd router again,
> I thought it was related to my prior wlan card (which had lotta
> ath_beacon issues).
> However I replaced that now with an ral based card, which seems to work
> fine.
> My random kernel panic remains though, I'll attach the log.
> Is there a way to debug this mess?
> If not it seems then I've to switch to a different BSD (maybe OpenBSD?)
> Sadly this shall run on an headless router and I've not the attitude to
> reboot this thing now each third day.
> cheers

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