Summer of Code 2011 - who wants to mentor?

Krishna Ramkumar krishna.june at
Wed Feb 9 20:04:11 PST 2011

Let me know if I can be mentioned. I'd be interested in working on a project.
On Feb 9, 2011 6:48 PM, "Justin C. Sherrill" <justin at> wrote:> I'm working on another application for Google's Summer of Code.  Who wants
> to work as a mentor this year?> > For those who aren't familiar, it's 10 weeks of getting a student through> a project.  You get to pick which project(s) you are available to mentor,> though I wouldn't recommend mentoring more than one at a time. 
> Responsibilities are mostly getting the student to stay on track, and> helping them solve problems.> > If you aren't interested in mentoring, we can use project ideas.  Add them> here:
> >> > There's existing pages on the website from previous years:> 
>> > We've had a lot of success with Summer of Code projects in the past, so
> assuming we get in _again_, this year should work out well too.> > 

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