Virtio drivers and licensing

Tim Bisson bissont at
Thu Feb 17 11:42:05 PST 2011

Hi All,

A couple of you have asked why the virtio-net drivers ported from 
FreeBSD disappeared from gitorious. I ended up communicating with the 
author of those drivers. He informed me that there is no license on that 
code, which means "look but don't touch".

He said that he can't give a BSD license to that code right now. 
Apparently he jumped the gun in posting that code to the FreeBSD mailing 
list. I don't want to deal with any legal issues so I just pulled the 
code from gitourious.


The ported NetBSD block driver are still on gitorious (nice BSD 
license...), but as a result of this, I've lost some steam in porting 
the net driver.

Sorry for the confusion.


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