I need file storage to store dumps

vasily postnicov shamaz.mazum at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 10:56:52 PDT 2011

I have a DVD disk with UDF filesystem on it. Kernel panic occurs while copying files from this DVD. I tried following commands:$ mount -t udf /dev/cd0 /mnt/cdrom$ cp -r /mnt/cdrom/* .or even$ dd if=/dev/cd0 of=image.iso bs=20480
$ vnconfig -c vn0 image.iso$ mount -t udf /dev/vn0s0 /mnt/cdrom$ cp -r /mnt/cdrom/* .That is all the same. Kernel panics with "bgetvp - overlapping buffer". The clue is that image is mounted with -t udf. Mounting image with -t cd9660 and copying files from it gives an expected effect (It seems, there is compatibility between iso9660 and udf). This was tested on DragonFlyBSD 2.8 real machine and recent vkernel build from master.
I hope somebody will help me. I need space to store the dump and the image (because everything seems to be normal with other images, but I am not completely sure about it). Yes, the image is big - 3.8Gb. Sorry, but I cannot provide smaller one :( Is a leaf account good for it?

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